Simplified food and beverage prep

The Made's measuring and dispensing cap (or "madcap") makes preparing your whole grains, coffee and a variety of other dry goods easier.  Integrating a measuring tool into the storage container saves time and eliminates extra steps in three significant ways:

  1. You'll always know where your measuring tool is.
  2. Measuring within the storage container virtually eliminates spills.
  3. No separate measuring cup, no separate measuring cup to clean.
           Stop searching for your measuring cups!

           Stop searching for your measuring cups!


A compliment to reusable shopping bags

Take the Made to the store with you! The Made is designed to accommodate the scoops and dispensers of the bulk aisle, yet fit well in your hand.

When you're ready to check out, the Made's tare weight (its weight when empty) is printed on the canister, allowing for easy subtraction and guaranteeing you only pay for the dry good being purchased.