Reasons to love The Made

The measuring tool is right where you need it: The Made conveniently measures and dispenses up to half a cup at a time and, with easy-to-read graduation lines of 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 cup, allows measurement as needed.

Aesthetically efficient: With a primary color of either grey or white, the Made is thoughtfully designed to blend with any setting, and uses color rings to not only allow easy differentiation between products, but also to provide the countertop with just the right amount of personality.

The right size: The Made is 3.5 inches wide (the width of a standard coffee cup), by 9.5 inches tall and holds 4.5 cups, the equivalent of 12 ounces of ground coffee, a standard packaging amount for a variety of bra

Protects your product: The Made’s innovative, air tight design and cutting edge materials block out light, moisture, and oxygen, keeping coffee fres

User friendly: The Made's satin smooth yet grippable finish provides a sense of comfort and makes handling it a delight.

About the Team

CJ Knapp is the founder of Madcaps, a company with a simple goal: Make it easier to transfer content from one container to another. A former Marine, and a graduate of the Universityof Utah, CJ’s passion for this goal was born 3 years ago at 4:00 am, while blearily trying, and failing, to prepare a bottle for his 4 month old daughter.

Chris Knapp, a graduate of BYU, has been an entrepreneur and freelance industrial designer for 15 years and as a result of his success, mostly designs for fun.